Media Business

Producing valuable contents and providing cheaply
We produce the movie contents for broadcasting and transmission.

Radio program and CM production

Executing O.A. of many programs at a newest internet radio platform provided by which has a user accounts.


  Hollywood Business Support

Business of controlling the foreign celebrities
We deal the service of booking the foreign celebrities for Japanese client.

Product Placement

“Product Placement” is one of the advertisement method witch exposes a certain goods in a movie or a TV drama.


  Overseas Content Business

We distribute the contents for the smartphone of the world, which has various genre.

Marketing Business

We plan to expand the business with the contents holder of the world and the partner for distributing and selling, while integrating the needs of the consumer and the seeds of the contents holder constantly.



Bringing the World's Malaria and Dengue Fever Victims to ZERO!
ZERO MOZ prevents the growth of the Wriggler, a mosquito larva.