What is “Product Placement”? 

“Product Placement” is one of the advertisement method witch exposes a certain goods in a movie or a TV drama.
Nowadays effect of CM itself is getting weak because people tend not to watch CM by using a skipping function of the DVD recorder.
Therefor, This method is gradually getting popular as a new method even in Japan.
Our company support the promotion according to the needs of the client with the networks which are the medias like TV, Web, Music video of the world. Consequently, the promotion could be more effective.

Providing a controlled exposure of the brand while getting deeply into more strategic integration of the brand.

 ・Entertainment, Marketing strategy, Development & Execution
 ・Developing the strategy of the brand exposure, and planning
 ・Negotiation & Coordination
 ・Strategic alliance with other company
 ・Developing creation, producing, and coordination